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June 30, 2012
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                                 Aluru: Seru of Light
        God created the heavens, the earth, and the seas.  After creating all the things in the universe, god created humans to rule over this world.  Yet while possessing the wisdom of god, humans were physically weaker than the wild beasts, and impulsive in spirit.  Many times did the humans come close to dying out forever.  Concerned about the humans' future, god gave them a mighty force with which to aid them…

So was the story told by the humans, but Rem's concern went beyond the world of humans.  Rem, along with the earth, had simultaneously created another world for creatures that were connected to the elements: the Seru.  The Seru resided in Seru-kai, and they were separated from the humans by magical barriers put in place by Rem.  Neither world had knowledge of the other, and that was how it was supposed to be.
Rem created three Seru for each element, so there would be a balance between them:
Gimard, Zenoir, and Gola Gola were the fire Seru.
Gizam, Freed, and Slippery were the water Seru.
Theeder, Viguro, and Gilliam were the thunder Seru.
Swordie, Nova, and Barra were the wind Seru.
Mushra. Kemaro, and Iota were the earth Seru.
Vera, Orb, and Spoon were the light Seru.
And Nighto, Puera, and Aluru were the dark Seru.
Besides balance, to assure peace among the Seru, Rem enforced one unbreakable law within Seru-kai: the Seru were not allowed to use their elemental powers on one another.  Abiding by this law, Seru-kai remained peaceful.  But, like all peace, it is not everlasting.
Though all the Seru lived by Rem's law, it didn't stop certain Seru from gloating.  The Aluru were famous for it.  Among all the elements, the Aluru believed darkness to be the best, and they bragged about it every chance they got.  The prided themselves on being able to not only injure an enemy, but destroy it altogether.  They and the Nighto were the only Seru with this ability, and they were both Seru of darkness.  The only difference was that the Nighto were quiet about it.
"Nothing can beat the power of darkness!" one Aluru shouted at a group of light Seru.
"Using the power of darkness, we can obliterate anything!" another added.
"What can you do?  Heal?  That's nothing!" teased a third.
Along with their reputation for being braggarts, the Aluru were also known for hating the light Seru, especially the Spoons.  The reason for this was that the light Seru didn't destroy, they healed, an ability at which the Spoons were most adept.  If an Aluru didn't annihilate something in one hit, a Spoon could completely heal the wound.  This caused a growing resentment towards the Spoons.
"At least we're not barbarians!" and Orb shouted back.
"Yeah!  We don't need to rely on destruction to prove our strength!" a Vera chimed in.  In response, one of the three Aluru began to raise its cannon toward the light Seru when a Puera floating by got in its way.
        "No!" the Puera screamed, "remember the law!"  This was enough for the Aluru to stand down.
        "You're lucky," the Aluru spat at the light Seru before leaving with its cronies.  They floated away toward their hideout, a place covered in shadows where other Seru seldom roamed.  It was at the base of a giant tower where the grass ended, and a combination of flesh and mortar began: Rogue's Tower.  They sat under the throbbing pillars and brooded over their encounter with light.
        "If it wasn't for the law, those light Seru would kowtow to the dark!" one Aluru growled, still enraged from the argument.
        "Yeah!" its friend nodded in agreement, "especially the Spoons!  What I wouldn't give to take down those high and mighty healers!"
        "Then why don't you?"
        The three Aluru jumped up.  Unsure of who was speaking to them.
        "W-who's there?" one Aluru squeaked.
        "How rude.  I give you shelter at the base of my feet, and you don't even acknowledge me?"
        The Aluru looked at the structure in front of them.  The tower pulsed like the innards of a living being, but it still seemed to be nothing more than that: a tower.  Though the Aluru had been shading themselves under Rogue's Tower for a long time, they were unaware of any residence inside.  Rogue was a recluse, unknown to the Seru of Seru-kai.  He preferred the silence of his own tower, never having any contact with those on the outside, but Rogue believed that times were changing and contact with the outside was now necessary.
        "Who are you and what do you want?" one Aluru shouted at the tower.
        "My name is unimportant.  What I want is for you to vindicate yourselves in front of the other Seru."
        "Vindicate?" the Aluru echoed in unison.
        "Precisely.  Prove to those light Seru that you are not barbarians.  You are just faster, better, stronger…
        "But we can't use darkness against other Seru.  It's forbidden," one Aluru explained.
"Oh?  Is it now?  And what about the light Seru?  Does the same rule apply to them?"
"Yeah.  Of course," the Aluru sounded unsure.
"Did you know that when another Seru is injured, Rem allows the light Seru to heal the injured one?  It sounds like Rem is playing favorites to me…"
"What?!  No!  That's completely unfair!  I won't stand for this!  Come on, Seru of darkness, it's time to show the light Seru who their masters are!" the Aluru floated off, enraged and ready to fight.
"Hehehe… fools…"
The Aluru were unaware of Rogue's wicked tendencies or plotting, and it never even occurred to them that what Rogue just told them was a lie.  Instead, they rushed off to the nearest group of Spoons and called to them.
"Hey!  Spoon!" one of the Aluru shouted to the Spoon nearest to it.  The Spoon turned.  "Try healing this!"
Before any of the other Seru could intervene, the Aluru raised its cannon and fired at the Spoon.  The Spoon was obliterated in an instant.  After the smoke cleared, there was nothing but silence; all of the Seru were too shocked to speak or move.  The next sound to be heard was that of an angry god.  Rem had witnessed the fight, and he now had to punish all those who had disobeyed.
"This has gone on long enough!" Rem's voice shook the ground, "I allowed the prideful talk, but this disobedience will not be tolerated!  Aluru!  You have disobeyed the law of Seru-kai and must be punished for your actions!" But Rem was not just speaking to the one Aluru who fired its cannon; he was talking to all the gloating Aluru. "Your pride in darkness and discrimination of the light ends here!  From this day forth, all Aluru will be light Seru!"
"What!?" the Aluru who fired its cannon spoke, "no!  We don't want to be associated with those healers!"  The light Seru spoke up as well.
"Yeah, Rem!  How can we possibly share the same title with those who have hated us?" an Orb spoke up.
Soon, all of the Seru began yelling.  Even the other elementals were getting involved for annoyances they had kept quiet.  By changing the Aluru, the balance of elements was destroyed, and peace became war.  The Seru fought among themselves until it escalated past Seru-kai's ability to retain it.  The barrier between earth and Seru-kai began to crumble and soon collapsed altogether.
A group of humans had been hiding from the wild animals that had chased them into a small crevice in the mountains and were trying to figure out a way they could escape alive, when a strange light appeared before them and dropped a small stone at their feet.  Confused as to what it was, one of the humans went to touch the stone and panicked when it attached itself to his arm.  He screamed and tugged at it, but the stone could not be removed.  Suddenly, his demeanor changed as he felt an amazing surge of power shoot through his body.  He looked at the creature on his arm, then at the wild beasts waiting for them outside.  He made quick work of the animals.
More of the strange stone creatures appeared around Legaia, and the humans no longer had any trouble with the wild beasts that hunted them.  The humans believed these strange creatures were a gift from Rem.  This strange, unnamed gift that had saved them from almost inevitable extinction.

… it was the Seru.
This is my little story of how the Aluru became light Seru, and how it's connected with Rogue and the Seru being brought to Legaia.

Aluru and everything else in the story (c) Legend of Legaia
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Oh wow! This was very interesting! :D I really enjoyed this, and seemed to add more light to the story!

... okay, that light comment wasn't meant to be a joke. XD But I enjoyed your story. So what made you think of the Aluru?
Hehe, thanks! And thanks for the fave.
I'm not sure. It actually was just a five second process. I was playing Legaia, and I thought about how Aluru is the only light Seru that could attack. Five second later, this story was processing in my head.
I've always enjoyed fan theories. XD
Oh wow, you have an amazing point there. XD And no problem! I should definately reply the game again for more ideas. :D
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